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Medical Serenity values the health of individuals travelling worldwide. We provide the best medical solution for our clients when and where necessary. Get the best medical solutions under one roof and use our services at the most affordable rates.


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What Sets Us Apart?

At Medical Serenity, we ensure that our customers are provided with the best possible medical solutions no matter the place or time. Our experts provide 24x7 service and are trained to adapt to the needs of the customers. We happen to have a global catalogue of reputable medical facilities and renowned physicians. This long list of resources is stored in our database and is available for our clients as and when they require. We aim to make our customers comfortable in whatever way possible.

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Why is‘Medical Serenity’ the best for you?

World-class healthcare facilities

At Medical Serenity, excellence meets healing. Our world-class facilities and expert doctors redefine healthcare, ensuring your journey to well-being is guided by the best in the field.


Personalised Treatment plans

Experience care like never before. Medical Serenity designs personalized treatment plans carefully crafted to cater to your individual health needs and preferences.

Pocket-Friendly Premium Services

At Medical Serenity we believe that premium healthcare services should not come at high prices. Our main goal is to provide excellent medical care at the most affordable rates.


Complete support at every step

Medical Serenity navigates your entire health journey starting from visa booking, to travel arrangements, appointment scheduling and more, by supporting you at every step.

Customized Post-treatment care

Guaranteed precision in post-treatment care, addressing your unique needs with personalized health considerations for a speedy recovery and providing continued follow-up support.


Innovative wellness programs

Unique wellness solutions with innovative programs, including spa treatments, soothing massages, transformative yoga and blissful meditation retreats, designed exclusively for you.

Services We Cater to

Plan, prepare and utilize our best services under one roof. Your one stop solution to customized wellness packages for nourishing your health and reviving your soul.

Monitoring Treatment:

At Medical Serenity, our dedication towards your treatment is a testament to personalized care. We prioritize your well-being by tailoring every aspect of the monitoring process to your unique needs.

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Post Treatment Follow-up:

At Medical Serenity, our commitment extends beyond treatment. The post treatment follow-up support we provide is one of a kind. Our dedicated team of medical experts ensures your successful transition from treatment to recovery.

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Planning Your Treatment

Plan your treatment and embark on your wellness journey with confidence in Medical Serenity. Our personalized care begins with a thorough understanding and evaluation of your unique health needs ensuring a bespoke wellness journey designed just for you.

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Visa Assistance

Our team ensures personalized care throughout the visa application process, guiding you with our expertise at every step. We understand the importance of a stress-free experience, and hence we allow you to focus on your health and wellness.

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Diagnosis and Treatment:

At Medical Serenity, experience unparalleled expertise in health with our expert diagnosis and treatment suggestions. Our dedicated team of experts design personalized care plans tailored to your unique medical needs.

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Travel and Accommodations

Medical Serenity provides unparalleled travel and accommodations services for a transformative journey towards healing. From seamless travel arrangements to luxurious accommodations, we redefine wellness travel.

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Treatment Guide

A Complete Guide to Your Healing Journey


Initial Consultation

Begin your health journey with a complete initial consultation, where Medical Serenity assesses your needs, discusses options, and establishes a personalized plan for you.


Medical Diagnosis

Undergo a thorough medical evaluation, including diagnostics and assessments. Ensure a detailed understanding of your health status for precise and effective treatment recommendations.


Treatment Options & Cost Estimation

Explore various treatment options, discuss potential approaches, and get a detailed breakdown of estimated costs, including medical procedures, accommodation, and other associated expenses.


Travel and Accommodations

Get assistance in travel arrangements, including Visa processing, flight bookings, and local transportation. We assure to help patients find suitable accommodations conveniently.


Language Assistance

Overcome language barriers effortlessly. Our medical facilitator provides language assistance, ensuring clear communication between you and healthcare providers, promoting a smooth and effective health journey.


Continuous Communication

Get regular updates throughout your medical journey, stay informed about appointments, updates. Our medical facilitators guarantees expert insights into your health concerns.


Post-Treatment Follow-up

Receive support after treatment. Our facilitator ensures seamless follow-up care, coordinating post-treatment appointments, thus addressing concerns to promote your well-being.


Wellness Tourism Guidance

Experience the global wellness langscape confidently and get guidance on the best medical retreat options. We design your trip to suit your specific healing requirements.

Customized Care for you!

Your Trust Is Our Commitment

Embark on your wellness journey with us! From planning to recovery, our dedicated team is your steadfast companion, offering personalized care at every turn. Your path to healing begins here.

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  • Highly Satisfied with Their Services

    I recently visited Kolkata for my knee replacement surgery. Representatives from Medical Serenity picked us up from the airport and made all the necessary accommodations. They gave us proper guidance for choosing the right doctors and they supported us during the entire treatment. Medical Serenity also took care of my post-treatment physiotherapy. They provided excellent services, and I would highly recommend their services to others -Sahana Khatun

    4.5 / 5.0
  • Fast and Smooth Services

    Just completed my heart bypass surgery from Kolkata with the help of Medical Serenity. The complete treatment process was very cheap. Representatives from Medical Serenity took care of all the pretreatment check-ups, and it all went smoothly. We did not need to wait for our appointments and the process was very quick. I feel a lot better after my surgery, thanks to the team of Medical Serenity -Alamgir Islam

    4.5 / 5.0
  • Got Complete Support till The End

    My cataract surgery took place in one of the leading eyecare hospitals in India. Medical Serenity arranged for all my travel requirements from Bangladesh along with my Visa. They helped me with my appointments in India. The team of Medical Serenity was beside us at every step of the surgery. My eyesight has improved after the treatment, and I would recommend Medical Serenity for everyone -Mihir Mondal

    4.5 / 5.0
  • A Life Changing Experience

    My sleep pattern, eating habits, mood, and physical health were disturbed for some time. I did not see any improvements in spite of taking medication. Then I came across Medical Serenity. They helped me understand the real problem as I was diagnosed with depression. I underwent proper medical therapy and counselling in India which helped me to get better. I am very thankful to Medical Serenity for their help in my journey to mental wellness -Farida Sultana

    4.5 / 5.0
  • Took Great Care of Our Child

    My child was suffering from tuberculosis, and we wanted to get the best treatment. We connected with Medical Serenity, and they guided us to come to India for the treatment. The treatment took place in a top medical facility, and we were quite surprised at the affordable treatment rates. Medical Serenity took care of the post-treatment checkup processes and medications. We are grateful to Medical Serenity for their continued support -Adisa Zurei

    4.5 / 5.0
  • Relief Beyond Expectations

    I was suffering from arthritis for some time and was looking for the best treatment. Fortunately, I came across the services of Medical Serenity. They helped me to travel to India for my treatment. They helped me to get connected with the best medical facilities and guided me with post-treatment wellness programs. I would like to thank Medical Serenity for providing me with relief through their unique solutions -Faraji Musa

    4.5 / 5.0
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