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Global Medical Tourism Services
  • January-11-2024

What's Making India the Hub of Global Medical Tourism Services?

When it’s India, it has always followed the path of the Father of the Nation. Following the saying of Gandhi Ji, “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver”, India with its rapid growth in every sector is simultaneously growing in the sector of Global Medical Tourism Services. This blog will highlight how India with its world-class medical services brings changes in this field.

India: The Leading Name in Medical Tourism

The ever-growing cost of treatment, long queues after Hospitals, and lack of talent are the reasons why people go to different countries for treatment. Here, India has changed the game. With its vision of “One Earth, One Health”, the nation is aiming at making healthcare affordable for everyone on the planet. Last year, the MoHFW (Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India) was awarded the Global Medical Tourism Award 2023 for its comprehensive approach to healthcare, new-age services, and first-rate medical facilities.

Ayush Visa: Pathway for Foreign Nationals

India has gained global trust for its wellness and medical tourism services. To make it easier for the international community, the Ministry of Home Affairs has also made a path-breaking move. The Ministry has added a new visa category called "Ayush Visa" for foreign nationals traveling to India for medical care, wellness, or yoga. The Ministry of Ayush and the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare are working together to create a Heal in India portal which will serve as a one-stop destination for medical tourism.

In 2023, Indian hospitals have benefitted greatly from the Ayush Visa, which has made it easier for foreign patients to travel to India in search of conventional medical care.

Know about the Finest Medical Treatments in India

You'll discover that India has far less expensive medical facilities than other nations. Here, doctors are equipped with great training and expertise. Before coming back to the country, many of them worked in the leading nations. In India, there is no waiting period for medical care. Due to all of these factors, India has gained the highest place in healthcare tourism. The primary medical treatments that draw visitors to India are-

Organ Transplant: All major transplant procedures, such as kidney, liver, bone marrow, and even heart and lung transplants, fall under the category of organ transplants and India has a huge success rate in these treatments.

Heart Surgery: All major heart surgeries, including valve replacements and heart bypass are performed by highly skilled physicians in the nation. Also, for child heart surgeries top physicians are available here.

Orthopaedic & Brain Surgeries: No doubt, Indian hospitals are best at providing injury treatment and joint replacement surgery. In addition, they perform a variety of neuro surgeries, including procedures for brain tumors and spinal abnormalities.

Cancer treatment: India has some very good cancer hospitals. You can have access to the most recent medical procedures, including immunotherapy, radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery.

Factors making India a popular destination for Medical Tourism

Today, the nation has become one of the rapidly growing medical travel destinations in Asia as well as in the global market. Here are some of the reasons why India is marking its footprints in the sector.

Expertise: Indian physicians are well-known across the globe for their expertise and proficiency. Several of the best physicians in the US and Europe are Indian-born. Many of these physicians are also employed at prestigious hospitals in India.

Medical facilities: The medical field is not an exception to how technology has changed the world. Indian hospitals are very competitive with the best hospitals in the world when it comes to technology and systems.

Zero waiting period: With the full-time assistance of physicians and nurses, the majority of top hospitals in India have more than 200 beds. It guarantees prompt and high-quality medical care. In India, there is essentially no waiting period for medical care.

Cost of living: You will have to spend time outside the hospital both before and after your hospital admission if you are traveling for treatment. In India, several reasonably priced accommodations can help you during this time.

Visa: Nationals of more than 150 countries can obtain visas to visit India in two to three days, thanks to the e-visa program. Traveling to India is now considerably easier for people because of the Ayush Visa.

Connectivity: India connects with almost all major countries. Direct or connecting flights are available from all major Indian cities to cities across the globe.

Language: Since the inception of British rule, a sizable portion of India's population speaks English. You’ll find English-speaking staff members who work in all of the best hospitals. Translators for numerous other languages can also be found here.

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A healthy life is the road to a happy life. Keeping this in mind, India is becoming the leading destination in the medical tourism sector. With its vision to provide everyone with the best medical facility, India and its medical system are changing the dynamics of Medical Tourism.

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